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True greatness lies in the simple things, the true art lies in narrating them. A dinner at Osteriia is something more than a gourmet dinner, it is another step in the rural culture and in the ability to enhance local products through a modern reinterpretation of traditional recipes. Our idea of cuisine is a highly evocative experience, where shapes, scents and colours are able to tell ancient stories through the universal language of gastronomy of excellence.

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Cooking is communication and our message is respect and exaltation of the product, from sowing to the table. This is why we wait for the new moon, water in the warm hours, respect the right ripening times and harvest by hand, enhancing what we produce with a strong vocation for quality.

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“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.” (O. Wilde)

Natiia's Vegetable Garden

All the restaurant's products are harvested from the vegetable garden next to Natiia or from small local farmers. The rediscovery of the land and tradition are combined with the simplicity and elegance of the restaurant. Book your dinner now and be amazed by the open kitchen and unique dishes.


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