A tale for your senses

Dining at Osteriia means waiting for the new moon, watering in the warm hours, respecting the seasons and picking the fruits of the earth with your own hands. For us Osteriia is the final culmination of all our work, it is giving shape to our story and telling it with the five senses. Share the original peasant experience with us and discover the pleasure depicted in the dishes by our chef.

The menù

A different menu every day

Diversity is richness, which is why our menu is different every day. Respecting the land, we only prepare the products that the season offers us, to enhance the fruit of our work and the commitment of all the farms, growers and breeders with whom we share this passion. Our watchwords are freshness, excellence and awareness of the importance of eco-sustainable cuisine.

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“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.” (O. Wilde)

The garden

All the ingredients used in our restaurant come from small local producers or are harvested in our garden, where we have created a micro-ecosystem in which vegetables, aromatic herbs, fruits and mushrooms grow in perfect harmony with the territory. Book your peasant gastronomic experience now.

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