Natiia - storia Villa Bottona
From the vegetable garden to the table under your eyes

The countryside is our story, our dream, our life. A long family tradition that has its roots in the Villa Bottona winery. We take care of our land with the same love with which it repays us, cultivating vines and olive trees according to the peasant teachings of the ancient sharecroppers. Here, where the sunny morainic hills slide softly over the shores of Lake Garda, we work every day to produce wine, oil and fresh vegetables to turn into unforgettable experiences. Our land hosts us as custodians of its wonders and as such we welcome those who wish to experience it in its full splendour. Hospitality becomes our way of introducing the wonders of these places and telling the uniqueness of its stories, which day after day never cease to enchant us.

“It is not easy to walk alone in the country without musing upon something.” (C. Dickens)
The rooms

The charm of rural simplicity

Simplicity is not a simple thing. To keep the original rural spirit intact, we have bent design and technology to the needs of the countryside, blending together the essentiality of rural tradition with the comforts of modern life.

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