Natiia - storia Villa Bottona
A legacy to preserve

The countryside is our home, our life, our heritage. A generations-long tradition, which has its roots in the history of Villa Bottona and its farm. Like our ancestors before us, we care for the land to which we belong. Today, as then, we grow olive trees, vines and vegetables. In the warm sun that kisses Lake Garda, we produce excellent wine and oil. Just outside the walls of Lazise we cultivate vegetables, plant fruit trees and grow aromatic herbs and flowers that we find both in the rooms and at Natiia restaurant. To share our heritage with our customers we organize guided tours in the historic courtyard of Villa Bottona, peasant experiences in contact with the land and carefree aperitifs in the shade of the vines. Rural memory has taught us hospitality, which is also our business card.

“It is not easy to walk alone in the country without musing upon something.” (C. Dickens)
The rooms

Villa Bottona

Villa Bottona is the origin everything, the beating heart of Natiia. Here in 1872, Count Girolamo Brognoligo transformed the eighteenth-century Villa Barbaro according to the neo-medieval taste, very popular on Lake Garda at that time. The name “La Bottona” came shortly thereafter and was inspired by the large barrels that were used for storing wine. Today the Villa has the appearance of a castle surrounded by greenery, with crenellated walls and a tower overlooking the lake. In the first of the two courtyards we find the original peasant spirit, with the rustic buildings and the ancient warehouses. In the second we can instead walk through the Corte della Magnolia, with the manor buildings and the palm trees of the twentieth-century garden overlooking Garda. Reaching Villa Bottona by carriage along the lush avenue of horse chestnut trees means entering the heart of Natiia, where Nature dictates the times.