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“Great is the fortune of he who possesses a good bottle, a good book, and a good friend.” (Molière)

The countryside is the meeting point between nature and man, an oasis of well-being that we protect by working the land and passing down our farming heritage. Natiia combines traditional wisdom and modern innovations through permaculture and regenerative agriculture, valuing the land and building a sustainable future. Our quality products, such as wine, oil, vegetables, and fruit, celebrate history and anticipate the future, offering a refined rustic experience.

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Rural elegance

The balance of ecosystems is fundamental in Nature. For this reason, we have maintained the essentiality of the peasant spirit in perfect balance with modern life, harmonizing the charm of the countryside with the comforts of our times. Natiia is an “ADULTS ONLY – 14+” facility

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Nature on your plate like a painting

At Natiia we strongly believe in circular agriculture. We work the land, cultivate the vegetable garden and harvest the vegetables that our chef enhances in Osteriia's gourmet dishes. What is not used is reused and returns to its natural cycle. Discover the vegetable garden and restaurant


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