Bardolino DOC



Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara



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VINEYARD: The grapes used to produce this wine are grown with the pergola system. The soil is of morainic type located in the southern bend of Lake Garda.

HARVEST: By hand, starting from the second half of September.

VINIFICATION: Traditional red vinification with short maceration of the skins. To accentuate the varietal aromas the fermentation temperature does not exceed 22-25°C.

MATURATION: The alcoholic fermentation is followed by a partial malolactic fermentation in order to bring softness and drinkability. It is then stored in steel tanks at controlled temperature.

TASTING NOTES: Ruby red in color, with an immediate bouquet that recalls the grapes of origin and fermentation aromas. On the palate it is very soft and balanced, presenting at the same time a good drinkability structure.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: It goes well with the first courses of the local Veronese tradition, with cold cuts and white meat.

HOW TO SERVE IT: Serving temperature 18 ° C